Which is a more suitable partner for a male Taurus?

Which is a more suitable partner for a male Taurus?
Which is the most suitable partner for a male Taurus: a female Leo, Cancer, Virgo, another Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn… I know that these are the best partners for a Taurus, but i don’t know which is the best?

Suggestion by JK
You know the zodiac has changed. Or you sure he’s a Taurus? If you truly believe in this stuff, you need to get a chart reading done of this person, based on his date and time of birth and also where he was born. There’s more to this stuff than sun signs like you have mentioned.

With that said, there’s a lot of talk about the signs changing, so this hold idea of compatibility being determined base on this zodiac stuff, isn’t the best way to find a suitable mate. You might to want to consider taking the time to get to know that person instead.

Suggestion by ***sparkz***
Virgo of course! Not ony are these ladies BEAUTIFUL, but their also down to earth (like you) and very smart and independent. They have this neat and tidy aura that makes them seem quite pronounced. They are nurturing of their loved ones, and will always be there for them (as well as you, if ya get one!)… If you’d like to hear about their appearance: Broad forehead, large clear eyes, small noses and delicate rose petal lips, usually model slim with nice curves (hair is shiny and soft)

Suggestion by wikipeter.
Does it really matter what star sign a partner is? It all depends on how you feel for that person and what you have in common, not their star sign, horoscopes aren’t 100% accurate for everyone.

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Horoscope fun – How do you think things will turn out?
A Taurus female and Aries male (who are in a relationship) and the Pisces male friend are coming over to the Virgo female’s house.
So Taurus, Aries, Pisces, and Virgo. How do you think things will turn out? icon smile Which is a more suitable partner for a male Taurus? Any activities to suggest? Like something physical, or a game, or a teenagery game like spin the bottle lol

Suggestion by respekt816
Lol signs don’t have too much to do with this kind of thing. If you’re inviting these people to your house, or going to someone’s house with these people, I would expect you already have some idea of what they enjoy doing =P sorry that wasn’t much help (or maybe it was?)

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How does the whole horoscope thing work?
i know that im a scorpio im born in october, but i saw some questions that people were asking like is the taurus moon compatible with the aries venus or something and like october being the libra month and look out?? like whatt…i honestly dont get it

Suggestion by Rick
Astrology is based on the belief that somehow the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars’ positions at the time of our birth can determine things about our future.

It’s totally belief based. There’s absolutely no proof whatsoever that’s ever been accepted by the scientific community.

It’s hogwash!

Suggestion by Summer Rain
If you want to know more go to a good astrology site and get your birth chart done…there is more to astrology than your sun sign…if you really get into it , it will boggle your mind!

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  1. MELLOW LOVER February 5, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    Cancer female, Pisces female, or Virgo female would be perfect for us Taurus males

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