What does my Scorpio partner want out of a relationship?

What does my Scorpio partner want out of a relationship?
What ideally makes him happy? How can I, being his Cancer partner make our relationship strong healthy and happy. We love each other so much, but we tend to get into arguments over really stupid things. I know it is most likely me because I know better and realize that conflict never makes a Scorpio come around. How can I better manage my approach with him in situations to make conflicts more seldom. What does my Scorpio really need in his love life to make him happy and fulfilled?
This is my Horoscope for the day from my local news paper:

“Partners can appear demanding and exacting. You may need to simply follow orders to keep the peace.”

Suggestion by Bradley D
I wouldn’t follow those daily horoscopes. I’m a strong believer of zodiac signs too, but the daily horoscope is too random.

You may need to compromise more on the little things, but make sure you don’t give up your values on the important things. I am a Cancer myself, so I know how you can feel. Just communicate with him as best as you can, while avoiding it becoming an argument. If he starts arguing with you, take a break from the topic and come back to it when he has cooled down.

Suggestion by freeflow
if you know its stupid dont argue cause scorpio has to be right act like he is to keep the peace or just hug him and say this is stupid, we are acting imature,

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Is it typical of sagittarius male to fancy others girls ans stare at them when ?
He is in a long term relationship?

And what does this say about the state of their long term relationship.

Suggestion by ♌bardot♎
Well, Brad Pitt is your typical Sag guy and he was in a loving relationship with his Aquarius wife Jennifer Aniston and then he left her for Gemini Angelina Jolie… hmmm there might be some truth to it icon biggrin What does my Scorpio partner want out of a relationship?

Suggestion by Fan of Astrology
Sooooooo how are you today??

Suggestion by Bhagat Ram Handa
Saggitarius lord jupiter only not have so significant role til mars,venus,not have collision or impact on7th or 12th house. To know more send DOB

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3 Responses to What does my Scorpio partner want out of a relationship?

  1. yeahh November 20, 2012 at 6:03 am #

    I think all fire signs are flirty even when married -_- , esp. The guys .

  2. dew November 20, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    It doesn’t say much.

    Sagis are flirts by nature but that doesn’t mean they would go all the way with other people when they are in committed relationships. It depends on his whole chart, or course. If in doubt, you might as well ask him.

    Also flirting is a way of expanding which is a key theme for Sagittarius and might be his way of “exercising his freedom.”

  3. Delphinium November 20, 2012 at 4:24 am #

    I’m sorry to tell you this.. but yes. This also depend on his moon too.. if his moon was in cancer it would make him less of an out going person/ less flirty.
    But don’t miss understand it though. Sagittarius is like any other sign when in love he or she surely love their partner. But they tend to have a different “boundary” in a relationship than other sign.
    For example one of my good friend who was a Sagittarius still text other girls when he was crazily in love with his gf. He think it was ok to flirt with other girls or check them out as long as there is no sex involve.
    While if he was a Scorpio or Cancer he would most likely not be thinking of any other girl but their lover.
    According to horoscope Sagittarius are a playful, outgoing sign and he will not like jealous gf. So if you really love him I suggest you guy talk it out and just trust him. But you got to be open minded though. These people does not like the thought of commitment or changing their daily routine (if they have one) for anyone. and him being in a long term relationship to start with, show that he took the afford to go out of his comfort zone. So give him credit for that.

    Horoscope aside: I suggest you talk to him openly about it. Don’t make it sound like it his fault though. Tell him how you feel and how you want the relationship to work. If you can’t stand the thought that he will still be checking other girls but at the end of the day he will only want to be with you. Then probably better to not get deeper in the relationship.

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