What does leo daily horoscope say for today?

What does leo daily horoscope say for today?

Suggestion by Raftar
it says don’t waste your time on daily horoscope

Suggestion by Ravenholm
Horoscopes are bs.

Read your astrological chart.

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Where Can I Get A free Daily Horoscope?
I’m looking for a website where I can subscribe to a FREE daily leo horoscope via SMS. Thank You!

Suggestion by DyOhR
Type in the yahoo toolbar what you are looking for…
But I know a website that has daily horoscopes…
make an account in friendster…
buy a newspaper..
isn’t that simple and easy?^u^
hope I helped ya…^u^

Suggestion by That girl over there —>
uuh, go to www.horoscope.yahoo.com, or http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/….

you can try astrology.com to, they have the same thing.

Hope i helped!!

good luck

P.S. srry, idk what SMS means

Suggestion by equanimity assiduous
Daily Horoscope Weekly Romantic
July 21 July 20 – July 26
Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Circumstances beyond your control have thrown you into the middle of a power struggle today — but that doesn’t mean you have to acknowledge it or feed into it. Just keep doing your thing, minding your own business, and letting the warring parties fight it out without you. Don’t play along, and don’t rearrange your schedule for anyone or anything — would they do the same for you? Or have you noticed that the people who always expect your help are never around when you need some?
Your Lucky Numbers for this week are: 54, 47, 20, 21, 46, 49

But the most accurate for me is a free # at 1 800 555 tell,

it tells you what kind of day you will have from 1 to 10 but i have never gotten below 5,. yet,

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Ascendant, Leo and Daily horoscopes?
Should i be reading my ascendant (leo) or even my moon sign (libra) or my sun sign (taurus) daily horoscope? Like should i be looking up Leo Daily Horoscope?

Suggestion by xAphroditex
Your sun sign goes with daily horoscopes. You’d be looking up Taurus.

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Daily Horoscope free for Leo. Good times.

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