Combination of Chinese zodiac/ western horoscope?

Combination of Chinese zodiac/ western horoscope?
I’m a female,tiger, and a taurus. And I want to know what my mix personality. XD And compatibility with a male libra/dog. I also want to know his mix personality as well. And whats your Chinese zodiac/western horoscope. Just out of curiosity. icon smile Combination of Chinese zodiac/ western horoscope? And what do you think of zodiac tigers in your opinion if you ever have met a person who is a tiger or a dog. Thank you for reading. ^o^ icon biggrin Combination of Chinese zodiac/ western horoscope? Just want to know your opinion and want to know the mix personality as well. ^o^ icon biggrin Combination of Chinese zodiac/ western horoscope?

Suggestion by Joey h
I love combinations of Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology ..You are Tiger, that is wonderful sign , female Tiger Cub is so cool..And a Taurus , my opposite sign , Fun person Taurus, life of party..He is Libra ,balanced like Lady Justice , and he is Dog , man’s best friend..Oh Lassie ! Rin Tim Tim..Perhaps Libra will tame Dog’s wild stuff ?!
Tiger + Dog ..hmmm, NOT

Suggestion by Fractured
I can honestly say that I’ve never tried to hold a conversation with a tiger, but next time I visit a zoo I might just try.

Astrology is balderdash.

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I need help with my Zodiac profile, I get confused on the ascending and the moon part.?
Ok I know my Sun Sign is Taurus. I need help finding my ascendent and moon.
My birthday is May 20th 1989 5:02 AM, is this enough information.
I know that my Chinese Horoscope is a Earth Snake(year), Snake (month), and Rabbit(time of birth) but I am having trouble with the other elements as well. Help!

Also I know that my Native American Horoscope that I am a Beaver.
ok so what I got from the website is that my sun is Taurus(which I knew) rising(is the same as ascending right) is Taurus and my moon is Scorpio…is this right? I wasnt sure if you could have two of the same signs. **also location Binghamton NY so my birth time is eastern standard time

Suggestion by Super B
Try this out

I tried to do it for you but i dont know the location you live, Ill leave that up to you =)

Suggestion by Ms.6
I hope this post because I had trouble posting it earlier.
I found your rising sign to be Taurus and your moon sign to be Scorpio.
It is possible for a person to be have the same sun, rising and even moon sign. It just depends on when and where they were born.

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